Strathroy-Caradoc Dog Owner's Association

The Dog Park People


Join us for a very important meeting.

Strathroy-Caradoc Dog Owners Association

is hosting a seminar all about

Fostering Dogs.

Meet Amanda Wells, the new owner of

Lobo Animal Care Centre

and Alicia Pedden, who along with Amanda, are a huge part of

Paws United Dog Rescue.

      Learn how adopting a fostered dog can make your home a happier Place!All this for a donation of $5 at the door.       Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 7:00pm.

25 Colborne Place,  Unit#116, Strathroy, ON N7G 0E4

Even Superman Was Adopted!

Westminister Dog Show

Here's the Show's TV Guide!


If you have any complaints about the Dog Park with aggressive dogs or owners that don't keep track of their dogs etc., please email us at
That way the Association directly knows about it
and can deal with it. 
To let us know of these incidents, please use the "Incident Reporting" webpage here.
A public forum such as Facebook is not where these complaints should be posted as per the Privacy Act.

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Memorial Plaques

Please click on this link to take you to our Wbs Store with details and pictures.


Donate $5

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